Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns

Just like you can pay someone to hand out flyers on a street corner, you can pay websites to display your marketing messages. And like with flyers, you can target a specific location, demographic, and even interest groups – but better still, with Pay-Per-Click advertising like AdWords, Outbrain, and Disqus, you only pay when users actually click on your advertisements.

But what about the one who got away? Technology from Google allows us to track visitors to your website – and if they leave before they make a purchase or fill out your contact forms, we can show them your marketing messages on third-party websites as they browse the web, enticing them to return and finish what they started.

Targeted Marketing with Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

PPC campaigns can be an incredibly beneficial part of any digital marketing strategy, and the Google Certified AdWords professionals at Alliance will make sure your digital marketing campaigns are consistently optimized to maximize your ROI. Our creative team will design eye-catching banners, and our copywriters will write compelling advertisements to increase visibility and interest for your brand. Using Google AdWords to reach your targeted audience requires an attention to detail and understanding of consumer behavior that only experienced professionals can offer – our PPC campaign managers have been trained and certified by Google to get you the results you want. 

With Google’s Pay-Per-Click campaigns, we can:

Content Sharing PPC Campaigns

Other content sharing services such as Disqus and Outbrain can dramatically increase your web traffic by placing your content on websites where your targeted audience is likely to see it. Content sharing PPC campaigns are a “soft sell” technique that can be a great complement to your content marketing strategy – rather than capturing consumers with an intent to purchase, they attract consumers who are interested in your industry. For instance, you could increase traffic to your blog post “Using Widgets to Run Faster” by placing a link to it on a website about “Running.” Users on that website would see your article as relevant to learning how to run faster, and click through to read it. The article wouldn’t be marketing messages for your Widgets, but it would establish your company as an expert on Running and show how you could add value for consumers in the future. This type of traffic may not make a purchase right away, but they will remember your brand and will often return to your website for information related to your area of expertise.

Talk to us about your goals, and we will develop a pay-per-click campaign to get you there.

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