Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns.

Reaching your customer’s inbox is the most personal way to communicate – they gave you permission to contact them, and they will read your correspondence attentively. That’s why, according to the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI on email campaigns for e-commerce is over 4,000%. Are you taking advantage of the opportunity to make sure your brand is front of mind next time they make a purchase decision?

It’s easy to blast emails to a list of email addresses, but it takes expertise to actively engage your recipients. We’ll design a template to ensure your communications look professional and on-brand, make sure effective links within your messages drive traffic to your website, develop calls-to-action to increase your ROI, and help grow your social media following. On the backend, we’ll tell you who opened your messages and where they clicked, perform A/B testing to better understand your audience, and use your data to help you hone your marketing messaging each time.

We can help you develop exciting and effective email marketing campaigns to:

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